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In no particular order….

“THE Gold Coast has some of the worst performing suburbs in the country when it comes to mortgage delinquency, according to the latest Fitch report.”

From the local paper –

“SALES of more than $34 million have been racked up in the $850 million Soul supertower in Surfers Paradise. Property records show sales of seven apartments in the 77-storey tower settled at the end of last year for a total of $12.02 million. Since December, 17 new deals were stitched up worth $22 million. The highest-priced property was a $4 million two-level subpenthouse….” Continue reading

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ACE #2

Now, where was I?

Following on from ACE #1 I’d like open the match with Canal, Lake and Riverfront homes.  Years ago I had a call from a builder I knew telling me to come to such n such an address and check out what he’d been called in to inspect.  Once there I found a solid home of 4 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms, triple garage, far from new but very well maintained.  On the canal side, however, lay a disaster.

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Hurricanes, Cyclones, Typhoons and Storms

As a former air traffic controller, the professional study and knowledge of the weather was an essential and very important part of my job. I was constantly amazed at the effects of a little surface heating combined with some water vapour. I am a Hurricane Hunter, having flown on a NOAA P3 aircraft through the very large tropical cyclone Kerry in the Coral Sea in 1979. 8 hours of terrifying Hell!

The lure of living on the water also comes with dangers, none more devastatingly illustrated than Hurricane Sandy’s disdainful treatment of the New Jersey shoreline in the United States. Comments like “We’ve never seen anything like it” are just so true.

Many of us may never see anything like a particular storm as they arrive, unexpected and uninvited, every 100 or even 1,000 years.

When considering buying or building a property on the water, any water, always, in the back of your mind know that water, combined with the winds from meteorological events, may well turn your magnificent view into your worst nightmare.

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