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Friends of mine in the USA checked their policies and found that the “excess” payable in case of storm damage was around $600.00 per claim.  However, if the damage was caused by a storm “named” by the National Weather Service (i.e. Hurricane I’m Gonna Getcha, or Tropical Storm Pineapple, or Winter Storm Snowy) then the “excess” rose to over $10,000.00.

Here in Australia, friends who’s houses are located 100 metres above the highest ever recorded flood level have seen their premiums skyrocket after the floods.  Many have successfully battled their Insurer (or gone elsewhere) and have secured a huge reduction from the premium originally quoted.

I know it’s boring and tedious but please, and the sooner the better, pull out your full policy document, or download a copy from your insurance company’s website, and take a long hard look at what is covered, but more importantly, what is not and when.  You may be in for quite a surprise.

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Hurricanes, Cyclones, Typhoons and Storms

As a former air traffic controller, the professional study and knowledge of the weather was an essential and very important part of my job. I was constantly amazed at the effects of a little surface heating combined with some water vapour. I am a Hurricane Hunter, having flown on a NOAA P3 aircraft through the very large tropical cyclone Kerry in the Coral Sea in 1979. 8 hours of terrifying Hell!

The lure of living on the water also comes with dangers, none more devastatingly illustrated than Hurricane Sandy’s disdainful treatment of the New Jersey shoreline in the United States. Comments like “We’ve never seen anything like it” are just so true.

Many of us may never see anything like a particular storm as they arrive, unexpected and uninvited, every 100 or even 1,000 years.

When considering buying or building a property on the water, any water, always, in the back of your mind know that water, combined with the winds from meteorological events, may well turn your magnificent view into your worst nightmare.

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