I write this blog from one of most beautiful places on Earth, South East Queensland, AUSTRALIA. The photograph on the front page is of my beach, just down the road. I’ve been lucky enough to have travelled to over 65 countries and lived in half a dozen – they all have their own charm and they all have (a lot of) residential real estate!

The discussion of real estate is truly international.  Real estate, residential real estate, is our home… it’s where we live, laugh, love and play.

The ‘business’ of real estate attracts all sorts of people. Some are ‘in’ real estate because they truly love it. A lot are just sharks and give the rest of us a bad name.

It is the latter I write about, to warn you of their tactics, tell you my stories and those of some of my formerly hapless but now educated and much wiser clients.

Take time to ensure all the people you deal with are professionals, licensed, well respected and are happy to have you talk with their past and current clients.  Not all professionals are professional. And don’t forget “Pay Peanuts – get Monkeys”…

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