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I’ve written previously about the dangers inherent in buying and renting homes that may have been used in the illegal production of street drugs.

The number of homes, units, apartments and lodgings used for these nasty activities is increasing.  There is no Legislation in place for the reporting by Police, other government departments, real estate agents, landlords or sellers to new owners and occupiers as to whether a place has been so used or abused.

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Well that got your attention! And so it should because it’s becoming a real problem for home buyers, sellers and renters.

I inspected a home a while back and noticed a few things. There was some odd-looking capped off plumbing around the outside of the house, which I at first put down to someone having an enclosed garden of some sort, some odd damage to the electrical meter box and inside, unusual wet damage to the plaster cornice. After having a good look at the roof I was perplexed as to why there was so much water damage inside so I decided to grab a torch (flashlight) and ladder and take a peek through the man-hole and into the ceiling space. Continue reading

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