I toiled to design and build a very cute project half way up Mount Tamborine in South East Queensland, Australia.

The project cost me dearly as I ran a very large power saw through my left hand.

Thank goodness for skilled and passionate micro surgeons!

Please, if you feel like seeing what it looks like, CLICK HERE.


2 thoughts on “ARCHITIZER

  1. Doug Murphy says:

    Well compiled Gordon and let me tell you, your education lesson today will not be wasted. You really opened up the nitty gritty for me. If you don’t mind, I will continue to use your thorough knowledge that you have put on paper, as an example to advise people to be very, very careful re this type of residential real estate in their Self Managed Superannuation Funds. Who knows, they might want to invest the lot in shares. (just kidding).

  2. Thanks Doug. As I’ve said elsewhere in this blog, this is not about real estate bashing, (I am an Agent after all!) just a “heads up” on my personal experiences and those stories I’ve heard first hand from others that I know, through research, to be true. Caveat emptor!

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