More to me than just real estate! Love my cars, bikes and fine engineering!

My Indian Chief Vinathe at Byron Bay Lighthouse with admirers DSC09927 DSC09937


In my spare time, I ride a magnificent piece of renewed American iron, a 2014 Indian Chief Vintage with more accessories than you can imagine.  It’s a huge motorcycle that attracts attention and smiles wherever it goes.  I have since added personalised number plates – DLX – for “Deluxe” and you’ll notice the new fishtail pipe extensions replacing the shotguns. Very retro.  Other fine photos can be seen by visiting and clicking on INDIAN CHIEF – that’s me and my bike – great fun shooting that day!  When not riding the bike, I drive one of the World’s (in my opinion) finest engineered motor vehicles, the Lexus LS460.  Named World Car of the Year in the year of it’s release, it is an astonishing thing to drive and, of course, so very different to the “wind in your hair – heart in  your mouth” Indian!Lexus LS460


Indian Chief with new tailpipes

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