I know I’m going to receive howls of protest but I really don’t care.  I’m a parent and take the supervision of children under my care (mine and others) very seriously.

I’ve inspected literally thousands of houses with backyard pools over the years and have seen it all.  Properly installed (at ridiculous expense) pool fences where teens have propped open the gate, or there’s been boxes or chairs near parts of the fence allowing most children to climb up and over the fence, and vegetation so thick that any enterprising child could climb through the hedge for instance, and gain access to the pool area.

I’ve watched kids running and chasing each other around pools completely unsupervised by a responsible older child or adult.

I disagree with pool fencing as it places a huge cost on those of us who are responsible and supervise our kids and those under our temporary care.

Where I live we have thousands of kilometres of lake front, canal frontage, creeks, rivers and ocean beaches, none of which have fences!

In my early days I taught hundreds of adults and kids to swim, have been an active Surf Life Saver, Patrol Captain and Rubber Duckie (Inflatable Powered Rescue Boat) captain and have rescued hundreds of people from the surf.

In closing this post (read, RANT) in 2012, ONE-THIRD of drownings of kids under 5 occurred in BATH TUBS or SPAS!*

*Royal Life Saving Society Drowning Report 2012

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