Real estate is linked to the economy and vice versa. What’s happening in the United States absolutely impinges on Australia.  Always has and always will.

The following is from Phoenix Capital Research in the USA and is reproduced with full acknowledgement as to source.

“The Fed failed to announce a Taper yesterday of any kind. It is positively outrageous, but it does inform us of many things. First and foremost, the Fed has made it clear that it

cannot be hawkish is any way…So for all the talk of taper and shifting to a more hawkish tone, the Fed’s actions speak louder than words: the Fed is totally and completely

incapable of being hawkish at this time. Secondly, the Fed knows that the US economy is a total disaster. If tapering even $10-15 billion per month from $85 billion month QE

programs would damage the economy, then we’re all up you know what creek without a paddle. Put it this way… here we are, five years after 2008, and the Fed is stating point

blank that the economy would absolutely collapse if it spent any less than $85 billion per month. This admission has proven just how long ago we crossed the Rubicon. We’re

already in the End Game.

Period. Finally, the Fed has proven that it has absolutely no exit strategy. The Fed is going to print money and buy bonds until the entire financial system collapses. Any

time stocks fall it will try to rescue the markets. And it is going to do this ad infinitum because it has no clue what else to do. In plain terms, the Fed has proven

beyond even a hint of a doubt that it is simply flying by the seat of its pants, with no clear game plan or eventual outcome in mind. The Fed is simply going to keep doing

what it’s done for five years until something breaks. That something will be the entire financial system. We will have a crisis that is substantially worse than 2008. It

is coming. In fact it is now coming much sooner than it would have had the Fed announced a taper yesterday. In the meantime, inflation is soaring. The Fed

continues to lie about CPI and inflation but the reality is that the cost of everything is going up.” – Phoenix Capital Research, 19 Sep 2013 …

Oh dear – sell your property…buy gold, rent, and sit tight…

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