Just take a look at this Bloomberg Video.  CLICK HERE to watch.

I liked this comment to another Bloomberg article on the real estate and economic situation in the USA. Sure it’s political, and who knows which side of politics would be able to “fix” it, but its a similar story to ones I hear all the time right here in Australia.

“When will this administration learn that no matter how they spin the numbers, no matter how they try to paint the economic outlook, We’re in a serious mess that’s only getting worse day by day.

It’s a painful but true fact that my wife and I set an all-time record for income last year, and it’s all we can do to pay the bills we have. We’ve been without insurance for 4 years and there is no way we could afford the Obamacare that’s being unconstitutionally forced down our  throats.

Our house was “reassessed” by the town at 3 times what we might pray to get in the current market. The taxes are KILLING us and I know I’m not alone.

It used to be that it took two full time jobs to make ends meet, we’re now working 2 full and 1 part time job and it’s not helping as much as we hoped. In fact, it’s looking like our house will be on the market soon… as a foreclosure property. When we purchased it 16 years ago we intentionally purchased conservatively to keep within our means and have a comfort margin in the budget.

That margin is gone and the cost of this administration’s healthcare DISASTER is only now beginning to show it’s true colors. This president is killing America and most of the media is protecting him by not reporting the truth. ”

Think it can’t happen here?  Watch this space…

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