I’ve identified a long term land banking opportunity with a piece of land with unsurpassed beauty and massive potential future use. It’s 45 minutes drive from the beach and close to where I built the house featured in this blog (Click on ARCHITIZER on my Home Page).

I don’t get excited about BUYING anything is this market but this is an amazing piece of dirt.

One parcel – just over 500 acres!  Yes 500 acres!

I’ve yet to discuss the format of such a syndicate with my lawyer but I’m seeking expressions of interest from my readers and their friends and others to raise $1.7m to buy this piece of Paradise.  It was advertised and very poorly marketed by a local agency at $2.5m in 2009 and again in late 2011.  The “ASKING PRICE” is $1.6m (plus $100,000 for stamp duty, legals, structure etc). This has been on the market for 4 months now so I believe a “reasonable” offer will secure it.

In years gone by I’m pretty sure I’ve seen attempts to sell this land for closer to $5m.

I have plans, aerial photographs and other information that I can share with potential Syndicate members upon request. I’m getting more information from Local Authorities as I write and will supply that information as it comes to hand.

There are other very interesting LARGE parcels of land that have taken my interest – when they become DISTRESSED I will let you know.

Drop me a confidential email at if there’s interest.  Cheers

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