I’ve written previously about the dangers inherent in buying and renting homes that may have been used in the illegal production of street drugs.

The number of homes, units, apartments and lodgings used for these nasty activities is increasing.  There is no Legislation in place for the reporting by Police, other government departments, real estate agents, landlords or sellers to new owners and occupiers as to whether a place has been so used or abused.

An article in the media today just goes to show it’s still happening. Not every drug raid results in a news article as they are kept confidential by Police in case they are to make further arrests and don’t want to spook other suspects.

A house on the Isle of Capri was raided this morning and found to be the site of an anabolic steroids manufacturing “laboratory”.  If you Google to find real companies that produce steroids and examine the laws, processes, controls and standards these companies have to comply with and compare that with a bunch of grubs working in an otherwise very nice home you’ll begin to understand the very real danger these operations present to neighbours, people walking by and especially those who buy or lease these places.

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