On the 6th November I wrote on solar power.  Please see Archives November under Solar Schmolar.

I’ve been warning people ever since the Government introduced the scheme that there were traps for all.  The Contracts covering rebates, credits and prices for power sold back to the grid had hundreds of conditions.

1.         Not reading the fine print will always get you into trouble.

2.         Believing the government is there for you is just being foolish, ignorant and naive.

3.         Signing such documents before having them examined by a competent commercial lawyer is, well, you know…

Now it’s all come home to roost.

1.         Solar panels failing.

2.         Roof leaks where dodgy installers have drilled massive holes and nor properly sealed them against the weather.

3.         Inverters blowing up and catching fire.

4.         Meters not working as they should.

5.         Power companies lying.

6.         Government lying.

7.         Rebates down from 44 cents per kilowatt hour to 8 cents, then 6 cents and no cents.

8.         And, and this IS rich!  Because you aren’t paying a bill, you aren’t contributing the power poles, wires, switchboards and massive infrastructure so if you DO have a solar power station and are feeding into the grid, we’re gonna charge ya for the privilege!

Suddenly, instead of being “green conscious” you are now a louse, sucking more than your share from the “System” and by God, you’re going to pay!  How “Aussie” is that?

Mongrel rip off merchants.

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